Hello, I am Lena

In the past I was one of that 85% of disengaged employees, seeing no impact from what I was doing, feeling guilty of my disengagement, and seeing other people unhappy at work. One day I decided to solve this problem. This is how Neuroptimist was born.

The way we work is changing. To adapt and thrive in tomorrow's economy, it is not enough to use new technologies or transform your office into a smart coworking space. We need to renew the foundations, which are human. The upcoming automation of many jobs will only increase this need because people will have to do what machines cannot – imagine, create, demonstrate empathy, define the future and search out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems. This is also where happiness at work comes in since only satisfied, healthy and engaged employees can be creative, productive and deliver great results.

I truly want this transformation to happen as soon as possible, so that more organizations become happier and so that together we can shape a more sustainable, healthier and happier future.

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