Target audience: senior executives, team leaders, CEOs, HR and learning & development managers


In the competitive world and in the advent of massive robotization, innovation is the condition of survival and leadership for many companies. One of the key drivers of innovation today are human resources and their creative capacity. Individual creativity is important, however, in order to develop and sell an innovative product today, technical skills or experience are not enough. Creativity is necessary as a state of mind - not just of a team leader but of the whole team, and it only unfolds within the right organizational culture.


This tailor-made advice, based on specificity of your business sector, particular needs and challenges of your organization, will provide you with the following knowledge:

  • Brain and creativity: neurocognitive foundations of the creative process
  • Ways to increase creativity on an individual level
  • Conditions necessary for a highly creative and productive team performance.

The advice is based on findings of pioneering scientific research in neuroscience, cognitive and organizational science and the practice of mindfulness.


Based on what has been learnt, participants will be offered assistance in revising, improving or building their internal policy/roadmap on creativity and innovation prescribing concrete and practical steps to be taken to create an organizational climate favorable for innovation.

The intervention always starts at the managerial level, because managers, intentionally or unintentionally, define the working environment, outline working policies and impact relationships in a way that may either decrease or increase creativity of the whole team.

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