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Work-related stress is becoming one of the biggest challenges for organizations today internationally. Statistics vary by country, but generally numbers of people and organizations affected by stress and costs related to it are only growing.

Stress at work is a very complex phenomenon, affecting physical and mental health, relationships, life satisfaction and business outcomes.  There are psychological, physiological, organizational and cultural components linked together in a stressful environment.

Research links effective stress management to good performance and productivity. Therefore there is a clear and urgent need for organizations to prevent and manage stress.


Organizing a workshop on stress management, introducing relaxation or meditation practice or providing space for play in the office are in most cases far from enough.

Stress management interventions can be done at the prevention level or in response to already existing stress. Preventive approach is the most desirable and effective, however in real contexts causes and consequences often have to be addressed at the same time.

According to your organization’s specific context and needs, Neuroptimist can assist you with:

  • Elaborating an organization-wide stress reduction strategy
  • Creating an organizational climate favoring stress-free working conditions
  • Managing existing stress on the individual (emotional and physical) and collective level and more.

Since every organization is unique, every intervention is tailor-made, considering the specific context of an organization, its size, the level of stress etc.


The Neuroptimist’s approach rests on the knowledge and mind-body techniques drawn from neuroscience, organizational science, change management, practice of mindfulness, mind-body medicine, yoga and psychology. This combination allows addressing individual, collective and organizational challenges related to stress in an effective and sustainable manner.

The intervention always starts at the managerial level, because managers, intentionally or unintentionally, define the working environment, outline working policies and impact relationships in a way that may either decrease or increase stress levels in the whole organization.


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