Digital overwhelm is a reality of most office workers today. Technology and connectivity have become our fundamental need both at work and in private life. However today’s informational environment exposes individuals to an amount of novel information each day which is incomparably greater than the amount of it experienced by the ancestral human in a whole lifetime.

“Information overload and the always connected 24/7 work environment are overwhelming workers, undermining productivity and contributing to low employee engagement”, concluded Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends 2014 survey.  

Constant distraction, informational overload, digital addiction, loss of focus and mental noise also increase the risk of mental health disorders, increasingly commonplace at work nowadays. 

Every employer needs to recognize that the overwhelmed, hyper-connected employee is a business concern because digital stress impairs workers’ productivity and thus damages business outcomes. 

Neuroptimist offers training with the following solutions to reduce the digital stress in the workplace:

  • Learning to manage attention instead of time
  • Understanding brain’s functioning under digital overwhelm and how to help it stay productive
  • Ways to deal with digital addiction
  • Practical solutions for productivity in the conditions of constant distraction.